Daniel Bohunita, Master Tailor

"I want you to wear the garment.

I don't want the garment wearing you."

Daniel Bohunita

Daniel has over 40 years of experience as a master tailor. He was trained in Romania and worked at Casa De Mode, one of the largest and most well known fashion houses in the country. He always dreamed to come to America, but he was denied his application by the Romanians. One of the officials commented that they "did not train one of the best tailors in the country only to lose him to America"  and that is when he bravely decided to plan his escape. After he was liberated from the communist rule of Ceausescu, he made his way to Italy, and worked there as a tailor before God opened the doors for him to come to the United States of America. 

He worked at some of the most prestigious menswear companies in the country before opening his own shop in Orange County in August of 1983. In his years as a tailor, he has made custom suits for people, like actors Robert Wagner and Frank Panza, and former Anaheim Angels Bill Bavasi and Ken Forsch. He worked in the same plaza over 25 years, however, as the plaza was remodeled, he conducted a concierge service as a tailor for the past few years. Now, as of April 2014, he has opened his tailor shop to the public again. 

His goal is to make you look great! And as always, he looks forward to serving you with the best workmanship and skill set there is!